The Journey Begins

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts. Let me share a little bit about myself. My name is Juliette, married mum of 3. Been on a journey of knowledge about #Aspergers #Anxiety & #Depression and will share my versions of events as a carer rather than a sufferer. (I am hoping that it […]

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It’s Win Win for Me

In 2009 I found myself up late at night trying to unwind from the chaos of the day. My son had been diagnosed with depression and it was a full time job trying to encourage, motivate and support him. I needed help too unwind and stumbled across the hotukdeals website where I would spend time […]

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Hosting a charity event

Since a little girl I have always had a strong sense of charity and would always be motivated to raise money for something that had caught my eye by creating & executing my own events be it a sponsored walk or a swim raising money for the hospice my grandma was  in or the local […]

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Everybody’s talking about Jamie

    Everybody’s talking about Jamie tells the story of Jamie New, a gay teenager at a northern comprehensive, who, platinum-blond cropped hair shining like a beacon, decides to make his name as a drag artist and disrupt the system by turning up at his school “prom” wearing a dress. His friends love it, his […]

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Coping with my daughter’s anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of fear or panic. Feeling generally anxious sometimes is normal. Most people worry about something – interviews, money & friendships – but once the difficult situation is over, you feel better and calm down. If the problem has gone but the feeling of fear or panic stays or even gets stronger, […]

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